Performance Leaders Ep 2: Samantha Gash

We throw around the expression ‘high performance’ readily, but Samantha Gash is someone who has earned the ‘high performance’ tag, and then some.

Samantha is an ultra-marathoner who runs for social purpose. Her chosen challenges are nothing short of incredible. From Run India (3500kms in 60 days across India) to Freedom Runners (2400 kms in 30 days along South Africa’s Freedom Trail), Sam’s mental and physical resilience has seen her push through extreme adversity.

In our second episode of the Performance Leaders podcast series, we speak to Samantha about her transition from corporate lawyer in a global firm to ultra-marathoner. We talk to Sam about setting big goals, the process of planning and achieving those goals, and how staying connected to purpose can help you push beyond your perceived limits.

Sam also reflects on the importance of team and the nature of leadership and high performance.

We hope you enjoy hearing Sam’s story.