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Connecting feedback with social impact

Impact Feedback is our way of connecting our work and community outcomes. The concept is simple: the more feedback our users give to each other, the more we donate. We’re committed to donating a fixed percentage of our application licensing fees to recognised charities. And firms can match our giving too, knowing that the ROI on a stronger feedback culture will reap significant rewards. 

How it works

Match us!

Individual firms can match our donation too. Think about it: more regular feedback is a retention tool. Invest in it, encourage it, and the retention ROI will more than pay off. If your firm matches our donation plan, we’ll recognise this on our Feedback Now application, for your partners and employees to see.


Why a target of 10?
We’ve chosen this figure deliberately. Our research into performance management shows that most partners and employees want monthly feedback. Allowing for holidays and leave, we’ve settled on the neat round figure of 10 as our target.

Can the target of 10 be averaged out?
Yes, it can. Some people may be more active than others and we’re happy to reward our client and recognise the charity accordingly. 

How are charities selected?
Performance Leader will work with each participating client to select three charities. These three will be represented on the Feedback Now application (with a brief explanation of their work). We will prioritise groups that actively assist people to reach their potential, particularly people who have been previously denied opportunities.

Will results be published?
Yes, each year, each participating client will receive a letter from our Board setting out the feedback numbers, charity votes, our donation (and how it was calculated) and evidence that payment has been made to the relevant charities. 

Does a firm have to participate?
No. A firm can opt out. But why would you want to? We’re voluntarily making this donation from our revenue. Firms have the option to match. 

Why are we doing this?
We’re doing this because we want to give our business a social dimension that is based on giving, while also using the opportunity to encourage something we’re passionate about: building stronger feedback cultures.

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