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Our approach has been defined by 10 years’ experience, working with leading professional service firms. If our approach resonates with you, let’s have a conversation about how we can help your firm. 

Focus on real and underlying problems to make a real difference, not just pain relief.

While pain relief (reducing the administrative burden) is helpful, performance redesign can solve bigger challenges, like retention, engagement, collaboration and productivity.
We recommend a three-year plan, that builds partner and employee engagement and confidence through quick wins while charting more substantial and meaningful progress over the medium term. With real gains, and bigger problems solved, HR enhances its credibility in the firm, moving beyond an operational focus and toward being a strategic partner.

High performance cultures are built on strong foundations.

Role clarity enables the key participants in a high performance culture to understand contribution expectations.
We help firms to build succinct, flexible and future-oriented competency or contribution frameworks. We balance progressive KPIs, objectives, capabilities and behaviours for all roles, from graduate to partner to specific C-Suite roles.
Our frameworks highlight what is special about the firm – the strategic competence that defines its position in the market, strategy and culture.
This clarity provides the necessary clarity and focus for effective feedback, assessment and coaching practices.

Technology alone won’t do it. (You may be shocked to hear that from a technology firm).

Technology alone won’t solve the underlying performance issues for one simple reason: these are people-centred challenges.
Empowering people to engage in more regular feedback requires skills development, process design and smart technology, working together.
Our integrated approach, combining agile technology, with thoughtful application will help your firm achieve sustainable change.

Firms that want year-round feedback should embrace project-based feedback.

Real-time, year-round feedback is here: part-driven by employee expectations, and part-driven by the ambition to be a more agile firm.
Yet some firms that have made move now face a dearth of quality, constructive feedback. While random, pithy compliments have a place, professionals need real feedback to grow.
Firms that are serious about real-time feedback should embrace project or matter-based feedback. This feedback is contextual, focussed on clients and work and likely to lead to reflective and insightful conversations.

Evolution works better than revolution.

Performance revolutions make great headlines, but they don’t work. Often these revolutions fail because they focus on one aspect of performance – the latest fad – without taking a holistic view. Often they fail because they ignore what previously worked, as the good and bad get jettisoned together. And often they fail because they don’t engage partners and employees in the change.
We’re advocates of constant evolution.
Our role in this evolving approach is that of a strategic partner. We bring experience and insight to planning and design, and pair this flexible mindset with agile technology that can accommodate continuous improvement.

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