Performance Leader opens Perth office

Ray D'Cruz
Performance Leader

Performance Leader last week opened its third office, in Perth, Western Australia.

We marked the occasion by welcoming over 60 guests to a cocktail party at QT’s rooftop bar.

Ray D’Cruz, CEO of Performance Leader said the move was one opportunistic “With our senior colleague Paul Lemon now based in Perth it seemed great opportunity to formalise and grow our commitment to WA.

“If you know Paul, you know he’s a great relationship person, and very strategic. Firm leaders in WA will love having ongoing engagement with Paul.

“WA is a dynamic and entrepreneurial environment. Professional services firms are recruiting, and are keen to retain existing talent because the see some very positive signs for the local economy over the next five years.

Performance Leader has been operating in Perth for a number of years, supporting the local clients as well as state-based offices of national firms.

Paul Lemon, Head of Business Development will manage the Perth office and believes the product fit for the local business environment is strong.

“Our project-based feedback product, unique in the market, is particularly well suited to project-based businesses that thrive in WA.

“As firms move to more agile ways of working, and continuous feedback, project-based feedback makes sense for everyone. But it has a particular fit for services firms in WA that mirror their client’s project-based way of working.

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