Profiscience acquires Performance Leader’s LMS business

Ray D’Cruz
Performance Leader

Dallas-based Learning Management System provider Profiscience has acquired Performance Leader’s LMS business.

The deal enhances Profiscience’s position as a leading global provider of LMS software to law firms, with over 150 law firms using the product.

In turn the deal also allows Performance Leader to focus on the dominant part of its business: performance and feedback software.

Ray D’Cruz, CEO of Performance Leader said “We’ve known Michael Barshinger and his team for 10 years. Their LMS is brilliant, it’s the product of 15 years’ dedication and focus.

“Our focus was partnering with a firm that would look after our clients. We considered others but Profiscience stood out for both their software and service approach.

“For Performance Leader the path ahead is exciting. We’re launching a new version of our performance and feedback software in early 2019. It’s breadth and flexibility is amazing.

Beyond the initial sale, Performance Leader and Profiscience will build an API to seamlessly transfer data between both systems, and ensure ongoing collaboration.

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