Agile software, thoughtfully applied

Our software has the flexibility and agility to support your performance vision. 

And we’ll collaborate with you to help craft that vision too, sharing our deep expertise to produce a solution that works first time, and is capable of continuous evolution.

PARTNER performance

Our Partner Performance Solution deals with the complexity of partner assessment and business planning. 

Our PPS supports leaders to implement more efficient practices, and address specific partner challenges, from fostering smart collaboration to managing underperformance.

With the support our PPS leaders can spend their time and energy building a culture that challenges and supports partners to succeed.


EMPLOYEE performance

Our Employee Performance Solution provides the flexibility to build a strong feedback culture.

From streamlining the review process to aligning objectives to enabling continuous feedback, our EPS provides employees and managers with the tools to build a vibrant feedback culture.

Embedded analytics help firms to manage and develop its diverse talent pool and make evidence-based people decisions. 


after action review

Our After Action Review solution supports collaborative learning, innovation and improvement. 

Our AAR software guides conversations about what worked, what didn’t and what should be done next time. There’s no better tool for learning and innovation.

The value of routine project or matter debriefs is compelling – celebrate success and learn from failure through routine team-based feedback.



Our agile, user-friendly software can be deployed as a modular or integrated solution. Choose from the following modules:


Feedback Now

Real-time feedback for a continuous feedback culture.

Our Feedback Now Module supports feedback anytime, anywhere. Whether giving feedback or requesting it, this employee-driven tool can be as active and engaged as the user.


objective management

Aligned objectives for accountability and collaboration.

Our Objectives Module is balanced smartly to ensure both strategic alignment as well as personal engagement. Sharing options support transparency and collaboration as teams win and work together.   


PROJECT review

Project-based reviews for regular structured feedback. 

Our Project Review Module captures performance feedback, project by project. Configuration options include the capacity to share project insights and collaborate on process improvement.  


performance review

Flexible, configurable periodic review cycles.

Our Performance Review Module provides a comprehensive basis for reflection and planning, leading to transparent and fair assessment outcomes. Integrate KPIs, financials, capabilities and values.

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