We help professional firms to realise potential through people.

Our performance management and learning management software is designed exclusively for professional firms. Smart design and intelligent simplicity means it’s easy to use while delivering powerful results. We’ll collaborate with your firm to:

  • Retain partner and employee talent by recognising and rewarding strategic firm contribution;
  • Enhance client outcomes by building a culture of feedback, learning and continuous improvement; and
  • Increase profitability and productivity by making innovation a routine firm discipline.

We support our technology with consulting services (to align software and strategy) and training services (to develop the capabilities that drive performance and learning).

We know the path to realising potential is a winding one; our collaborative intent and flexible approach means we’ll partner with your firm as it evolves. Through our experience and expertise, we’ll help your firm find the simplest and smartest way to realise its potential through people.

We work with progressive and ambitious professional firms. Some of our clients include:


Potential Realised.
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