Employee Performance & Feedback

We help you build the firm of the future through your people.

Give your people clarity about their role, progression and the future
Build continuous feedback, from simplified reviews to real-time feedback
Generate data-driven insights to support talent management decisions


We chose Performance Leader for three reasons: we really liked the team; we liked the system because it is crisp, relevant to what we need and easy to use; and we instinctively felt that Performance Leader was the right fit for us.”

Moira Slape, HR Director, Travers Smith


One of the key features I love using about the system is the data analytics. That gives me the ability to have a clean snapshot of the workforce, how people are performing across divisions, locations or at levels… This ensures a consistency of treatment and also a consistency of performance."

David Meagher, Head of People & Culture, Shine Wing Australia


I would definitely recommend Performance Leader to other firms, based on the experience I’ve had, which has been very positive. I would describe Performance Leader as responsive, really focused on client service – excellent client service – and their product is very good."

Julia Paulding, Head of Human Resources, Saffery Champness

Software built for professional firms and the sector experience to make it work.

Give your people clarity about role, contribution and progression

We advise on the development of competency and career frameworks. We help professionals understand their current role and what it will take to progress.

Align expectations and KPIs with the firm’s strategy, purpose and culture
Define the career pathway for professionals and business services
Resource partners and managers to coach and develop their people

Take a smart approach to continuous  feedback

Our flexible software and sector experience can help you find the right balance between real-time feedback and formal reviews.

Give and request real-time feedback from anyone, any time
Make project and matter feedback and job reviews a routine activity
Build simple formal reviews to reflect the conversations you want to have

Power remote teams with flexible feedback tools

Our software helps dispersed teams retain the best aspects of working together: strong relationships, on the job feedback and regular debriefs.

Deepen dispersed relationships by supporting praise and recognition
Enable personal learning and development through on the job feedback
Capture implicit knowledge though structured project debriefs

Support better talent management through data and analytics

Gain insights about performance and contribution and support talent decisions with software analytics built for professional firms.

Identify performance problems proactively and develop an action plan
Support reward and promotion decision-making with evidence-based insights
Use analytics and reporting to increase the visibility and credibility of HR

Examples of our work

Supporting more frequent feedback

Working with an Australian law firm (500 people) to respond to a request from employees for more frequent feedback. Deploying our Fast Feedback module to create opportunities for ongoing and informal feedback and regular check-in conversations.

Streamlining job (audit) reviews

Streamlining the job (audit) reviews process for a UK accounting firm (700 people). Using our Fast Feedback module to create a simple job review form for audit managers and team members, saving time while capturing data for later use in check in conversations.

Articulating career progression points

Developing a career path for lawyers, from graduate to partner in a global law firm (5,000 people) based on skills and behaviours. Defining five to six clear progression points at each stage to give employees clarity and enable them to manage their careers.

Leveraging diversity for mutual benefit

Helping an international firm (4,000 people) discern how its geographic and cross-cultural diversity creates competitive advantage. Reflecting these insights in a capability framework for partners and employees that ensures people are developed, recognised and rewarded for the contribution to diversity and inclusion.

Supporting evidence-based talent decisions

Developing the analytics and reporting skills of the People & Culture team of an Australian law firm (600 people) to identify critical talent decisions, review data sources, use analytics tools to process qualitative and quantitative data and communicate insights.

Turning project feedback into actionable insights

Working with a mid-sized advisory firm (100 people) to generate routine project-based feedback through our Debriefs module. Identifying better ways of working, creating actionable insights and sharing knowledge through the firm.

Supporting our clients’ CSR programs

Aligning our Impact Feedback program with the CSR program of a UK law firm (100 people); supporting three charities nominated by the firm while motivating staff to start using our Fast Feedback module as it seeks to build a continuous feedback culture.

Balancing agile and formal feedback

Implementing a more agile and responsive feedback culture in a UK law firm (700 people),retaining formal reviews for Solicitors Regulation Authority obligations while encouraging check-ins on a more casual and regular basis using our Fast Feedback module.

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