Fast Feedback

Your people want and need regular feedback and recognition. Our Fast Feedback module makes it easy.

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Real-time feedback made easy

Our Fast Feedback module makes it easy for your partners and employees to give and ask for feedback any time. Simple templates ensure its valuable, and smart nudge tools make it happen.


Fast Feedback

  • Use our flexible templates for check-ins, job reviews, matter feedback, kudos and more
  • Smart tools will help manage compliance and avoid partner and manager overload
  • Make a difference every time you give feedback with Feedback for Good


Fast Feedback

  • Retain key talent by building a culture that recognises achievement and contribution
  • Balance recognition and praise with constructive performance feedback
  • Improve the quality of reviews by integrating Fast Feedback received during the year


From the outset we received great feedback and uptake from colleagues and partners, despite the project launch coming at a time of considerable technology change. Performance Leader has won over the most unexpected of people."

Kirsty Weller, Head of People, DAC Beachcroft


One of the key features I love using about the system is the data analytics. That gives me the ability to have a clean snapshot of the workforce, how people are performing across divisions, locations or at levels… This ensures a consistency of treatment and also a consistency of performance."

David Meagher, Head of People & Culture, Shine Wing Australia


We chose Performance Leader for three reasons: we really liked the team; we liked the system because it is crisp, relevant to what we need and easy to use; and we instinctively felt that Performance Leader was the right fit for us."


Frequently asked questions

Who can give and receive Fast Feedback?

Any partner or employee can give feedback to anyone else in the firm. And any partner or employee can ask for feedback from anyone else.

Who can view Fast Feedback?

The giver and recipient of Fast Feedback can see it. The recipient’s manager and their department head can also see it.

What is Fast Feedback likely to cover?

That will depend on the Fast Feedback templates used and configured by the client. As a starting point, we recommend templates covering check-ins, recognition and praise, development feedback and project feedback (including matter feedback for lawyers and job reviews for accountants).

What is the Feedback for Good CSR program about?

Feedback for Good is our CSR program, and our way of connecting our work and community outcomes. The concept is simple: participating clients choose three charities to benefit from the program. Every time a partner or employee gives feedback using the Fast Feedback tool, they get to vote for one of the charities. The more votes, the more we donate. Firms can match our giving too, knowing that the ROI on a stronger feedback culture will reap significant rewards.

Is Fast Feedback an alternative to formal reviews?

That depends on what you want to achieve. If you want to replace formal reviews with lightly structured check-ins (2-3 short questions) then the answer might be 'yes'. If you want balance regular feedback with deeper conversations that integrate competencies, financials and peer feedback, then we say 'no' - do both regular feedback and formal reviews.

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