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We take the pain out of performance reviews and 360 feedback with smart tools for better conversations.

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Simple reviews, better conversations

Our Reviews module enables better feedback conversations by connecting performance to objectives, KPIs and competencies, and supporting the creation of impactful and meaningful objectives. Smart admin tools make compliance management easy, and visual analytics and reporting tools provide insight to firm performance.



  • Configure review types, from annual reviews to check ins, probation, promotion and more
  • Seamless integrate financial KPIs, objectives, competency, CPD and Q&R data
  • Include multi-source/360° feedback into reviews or as a stand alone cycle
  • Utilise our time-saving Gen AI tools



  • Improve engagement and retention through better career and performance conversations
  • Turn conversation into action: set objectives in reviews and keep them up
  • Develop evidence-based insights performance and related learning needs


Dedicated 360º tools

  • Flexible 360º feedback tools to develop leaders and managers
  • Populate questionnaires with your content and design the workflow to suit your needs
  • Features for PSFs: result display thresholds, smart nudge tools, Gen AI summary tools


From the outset we received great feedback and uptake from colleagues and partners, despite the project launch coming at a time of considerable technology change. Performance Leader has won over the most unexpected of people."

Kirsty Weller, Head of People, DAC Beachcroft


One of the key features I love using about the system is the data analytics. That gives me the ability to have a clean snapshot of the workforce, how people are performing across divisions, locations or at levels… This ensures a consistency of treatment and also a consistency of performance."

David Meagher, Head of People & Culture, Shine Wing Australia


We chose Performance Leader for three reasons: we really liked the team; we liked the system because it is crisp, relevant to what we need and easy to use; and we instinctively felt that Performance Leader was the right fit for us."


Frequently asked questions

Can we configure reviews?

Yes – in fact we recommend it. We handle complexity and nuance. From bespoke partner cycles to differentiated approaches for business services and support staff, we’ve launched hundreds of review cycles and dealt with all sorts of configuration requirements. We can also guide you through the design to help you achieve your objectives while creating a great user experience.

How flexible is the 360° tool?

The 360° tool is highly flexible, and can be used for several purposes. Firstly, it can be used to gather feedback from colleagues as part of a performance review. Requests can be made by either the reviewee, reviewer or an admin user. Feedback can be shared with the reviewee in raw form or once edited by the reviewer. There is also an option not to share this feedback. Feedback can be qualitative or quantitative. You can even use our Gen AI tool to summarise key feedback points - a huge time-saver when dealing with multiple feedback givers.

The 360° tool can also be used as a traditional, stand alone 360° tool. You can populate content and design the process. There are smart tools that help PSFs. For example, tools to protect anonymity in small teams: a minimum display threshold number and the ability to collapse results where a threshold isn't reached. There are also smart nudge tools to support compliance and our Gen AI summary tool can be deployed here too. Please note that where a client doesn't have a annual subscription, there is a set up cost and minimum charge for use of our stand-alone 360° tool.

What makes partner reviews different?

Partner reviews are different to employee reviews for several reasons:

There’s more at stake, so avoiding confusion and anxiety is critical. The key inputs need to be laid out clearly and logically. The software needs to be flexible to fit the firm’s nuanced contribution assessment framework. This provides consistency and assurance. We see too many software companies trying to make the process fit with their technology.

The software needs to be reliable and proven. We notice partners often get to self-assessment writing later in the day. This heightens the risk of user error. Great design, clear inputs and smart features such as auto-save can make the difference between a positive experience and a negative one.

Partner reviews need to take on a broad range of contribution factors, in line with the partner role. Our software gathers a broad range of inputs for fair and objective assessment. We integrate external data sources (e.g. financials, client feedback and engagement scores), contributor feedback, and objectives and capability data.

You’re not on your own when you work with us. You can leverage our experience advising on partner contribution – from designing partner contribution frameworks and enabling partner collaboration, to advising on partner compensation. We can help your firm develop an integrated, end-to-end approach for partner contribution management.

Aren’t formal reviews dead?

No. The idea that an annual review alone is enough should be contested. We advocate regular feedback through the year. But formal conversations have their place too as they complement ongoing real-time feedback and objective updates. We think a formal review that consolidates performance feedback in line with the natural cadence of the financial year or before salary reviews or profit allocations makes sense. There’s a lazy narrative that says reviews are pointless, without paying any attention to the quality of the review. Think of it another way: would any professional object if a client asked for a periodic review to discuss what has happened in the last year and to plan for the next? No.

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