Collaboration points

Recognise and celebrate the best collaborators in your firm with our peer-based recognition tool.

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Strategic collaboration

Collaboration is a strategic focus for many professional firms today. Truly collaborative firms utilise their capability, diversity and creativity to solve their client's most complex problems. We help leaders operationalise and embed collaborative behaviours with tool identifies, celebrates and recognises the firm's best collaborators.


Collaboration points

  • Partners allocate 10 credits to peers and provide a narrative on the collaboration
  • Leaders use their points ladder to identify, recognise and reward the best collaborators
  • Smart visualisation and text analytics allow leaders to build deeper collaboration insights


Collaboration points

  • Align the strategic intent of the firm with a tools that promotes partner accountability
  • Leaders build a collaborative culture by recognising and celebrating achievement
  • Leverage data insights to better collaborate across teams and with clients and sectors


From the outset we received great feedback and uptake from colleagues and partners, despite the project launch coming at a time of considerable technology change. Performance Leader has won over the most unexpected of people."

Kirsty Weller, Head of People, DAC Beachcroft


One of the key features I love using about the system is the data analytics. That gives me the ability to have a clean snapshot of the workforce, how people are performing across divisions, locations or at levels… This ensures a consistency of treatment and also a consistency of performance."

David Meagher, Head of People & Culture, Shine Wing Australia


We chose Performance Leader for three reasons: we really liked the team; we liked the system because it is crisp, relevant to what we need and easy to use; and we instinctively felt that Performance Leader was the right fit for us."


How Performance Leader supports collaboration

Objectives and plans module

Set objectives based on a taxonomy that focusses on collaboration.  

View objectives across the firm (where the option is set to fully transparent) to increase visibility of collaboration opportunities. 

Share objectives between users (set an objective and share the objective with a colleague) who can also see, manage, update and be accountable for that objective.

Align an objective to a shared plan, where given permission by the plan owner to do so. Plans are flexible, and plan types can be configured for departments, sectors, clients or projects. 

View all objectives aligned by other users to the plan to increase visibility of collaboration opportunities. 

Plan owners can update progress of shared plans. Firm leaders can have visibility on plan progress.

Reviews module

Draw live objectives and plans into the review process seamlessly.

Create accountability for collaboration is through review and assessment. 

Provide qualitative recognition of collaborative behaviour through self-assessment and assessment. 

Provide quantitative assessment of collaboration as a rated element of the partner contribution. 

Use collaboration points to recognise, celebrate and reward outstanding collaboration.

Fast feedback module

Use real-time feedback to recognise colleagues for their collaborative behaviour.

Align fast feedback forms to the same taxonomy used in the collaboration points feature.

Debriefs module

Embed after action reviews for project teams to review what worked, what didn’t, and lessons learned.  

Use this data to identify future BD or expertise profiling activities, capture knowledge and know how.  

Search past debriefs for KM purposes including who in the firm has client experience and to support the onboarding of new team members.

Create a before action review to define the scope and aims of a project and enhance project collaboration.

Integrations for a seamless and secure user experience

Single Sign On and HR systems integrations give your people a best of breed experience with the convenience of integrated solution.

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