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Aligning our social purpose with yours


1. Ready

Nominate three charities your firm will support, most likely charities from your current CSR program. Set a feedback target to strive for.


2. Set

Engage your partners and employees with a compelling message that aligns two great ideas: giving regular feedback to colleagues with social purpose.


3. Go

Get going. Build the firm's feedback culture with nudges and campaigns (e.g. World Gratitude Day). See your feedback culture and social purpose grow!

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Agile feedback with lasting value

About Feedback for Good

Performance Leader's Feedback for Good is our CSR program and our way of connecting work, clients and communities.

The more feedback your partners and employees give each other using our Fast Feedback tool, the more money we donate.

How it works

  1. You firm selects three charities it will support through the program.
  2. Partners and employees give feedback using our Fast Feedback tool. When giving feedback, partners and employees vote for one of the three charities.
  3. We donate 2.5% of your annual software license fees to the three charities, apportioning the donation to votes gained.

Double social impact

When you use Performance Leader’s Feedback for Good program you engage with your people in two ways:

  • They belong to a culture that encourages timely and constructive feedback to help them learn and achieve their objectives.
  • They gain the intrinsic satisfaction of knowing each piece of feedback they give and receive results in money going to the causes they care about, without any extra effort.

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