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Smart collaboration doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve got simple ways to align, share and execute strategic plans and objectives.

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Build a collaborative, forward-thinking culture

Our Objectives & Planning module enables partners and employees to align objectives, share updates and collaborate on group, client and sector plans. Our design works for professional firms: we keep it simple and find the balance accountability and autonomy to maximise partner and employee engagement.

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Objectives and planning module

With the Objectives & Planning module you can:

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develop shared department, client and sector plans
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configure plan templates
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align objectives to plans or strategic pillars
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progress objectives and share updates
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integrate objectives and plans into formal reviews
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make objectives transparent to the whole firm (optional), and
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monitor activity with analytics and reports for leaders.

Our clients use Objectives & Planning to:

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improve accountability, collaboration and innovation on shared department, sector and client plans
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pursue growth in mature markets by encouraging client focus and practice collaboration, and
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identify, recognise and reward partners and employees for collaborative and innovative behaviour.
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Frequently asked questions

Who can access and view plans?

Before you can see a plan (e.g. a department, sector or client plan) you need to be given permission by the plan owner. Once you’ve got permission you can see everyone in that plan and their objectives.

What if some departments or sectors don’t have plans?

You can launch department, sector or client plans for those who are part of those plans, and they can get on with setting and aligning objectives. Others can still set objectives but won’t align them to plans. It’s important to note that you can launch our software day one and progressively add plans. This is quite a different approach to some of our competitors who require an enormous amount of time, effort and coordination from clients just to get to the start line. Also, if you need help with planning, we can recommend consultants in Australia, the US, UK and Europe who have extensive experience helping professional firms with planning.

Are objectives visible to the whole firm?

You can make objectives visible or private. If objectives are visible, anyone in the firm can see the objectives of anyone else. If objectives are visible, and the user wants confidentiality, they can override visibility setting and keep the objective private.

Why do objective collaboration tools often fail in professional firms?

Three reasons:


Some objective management tools ask too much of partners. They want constant engagement and make unrealistic assumptions about partner time. We’re focused on timely and efficient activity.


The tools fail to respect partner autonomy and are perceived as a task manager with a one-way stream of delegated tasks. We’re interested in objectives that are both impactful for the firm and meaningful for the individual. Collaboration works best when motivation is both extrinsic and intrinsic.


Many of these tools fail to appreciate that sustainable change in professional firms is achieved through constant evolution. Revolutions don’t work in this domain. Start with a simple approach and build on it. Start by saving time and creating a positive experience. From there, more ambitious goals for partnership collaboration can be planned and executed. Our track record is built on helping our clients evolve constantly.

Our software is simple, realistic and respectful – and it works. If you’d like a more detailed conversation about how we can get your partners and employees collaborating on objectives, please get in touch.

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