Partner Contribution Management

We make life easier for partners, partner-leaders and RemComs by streamlining all parts of the partner contribution management process

Align partners contribution with firm strategy
Empower collaboration on client, sector and group plans
Streamline formal reviews and reward decisions
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We chose Performance Leader for three reasons: we really liked the team; we liked the system because it is crisp, relevant to what we need and easy to use; and we instinctively felt that Performance Leader was the right fit for us.”

Moira Slape, HR Director, Travers Smith


One of the key features I love using about the system is the data analytics. That gives me the ability to have a clean snapshot of the workforce, how people are performing across divisions, locations or at levels… This ensures a consistency of treatment and also a consistency of performance."

David Meagher, Head of People & Culture, Shine Wing Australia


I would definitely recommend Performance Leader to other firms, based on the experience I’ve had, which has been very positive. I would describe Performance Leader as responsive, really focused on client service – excellent client service – and their product is very good."

Julia Paulding, Head of Human Resources, Saffery Champness

Integrated software and advisory solutions for end-to-end partner contribution and compensation management.

Align partners with your firms focus and future

Align partner contribution with firm strategy

We've worked with leading firms across the world to align partner contribution, objectives and metrics to strategy. We provide partners with the clarity and motivation to play to their strengths.

Agree what it means to be a good partner in your firm
Define the path to partnership and the partner lifecycle
Shift the partner mindset from production machine to co entrepreneur

Empower and recognise partner collaboration on goals and plans

Our software brings your collaboration and innovation strategy to life. We enable your partners to set and share goals, work across silos and recognise peers who have collaborated and supported them.

Bring teams together around shared client, sector and group plans
Use Peer Points to measure and reward partner collaboration
Identify and celebrate your firm's best collaborators
Empower and recognize partner collaboration on goals and plansManage partner contribution proactively

Manage partner contribution proactively

Our software supports firm leaders to manage partner contribution proactively, with a focus on the future and a streamlined review process that changes the partner and leader experience.

Create accountability for agreed objectives and actions
Monitor progress with real-time data and address underperformance
Streamline the partner contribution review process

Streamline reward determination

We guide Managing Partners, Senior Partners and RemComs on all aspects of partner compensation, and support streamlined decision making with dedicated RemCom software tools.

Select the right compensation and governance model for your firm
Reward high performers while maintaining partner cohesion
Develop an effective and efficient reward determination process
Determine partner reward effectively and efficiently

Examples of our work

Supporting collaboration and growth

Implementing partner contribution software for a fast-growing Australian accounting firm (350 people). Supporting partners to collaborate on growth-based objectives through a more transparent approach to client and sector planning.

Creating clarity about progression to partner

Developing a contribution and career framework for partners and lawyers in a global law firm (5,000 people). Defining clear progression points from non-partner to partner, emphasising entrepreneurialism, innovation and collaboration as key competencies for partners.

Building accountability for strategic capabilities

Implementing partner contribution software for a premium Australian law firm (700 people).Supporting the firm to translate its strategic capabilities and KPIs into valuable conversations about contribution that support accountability and reward determination.

Emphasising the role of partner as co-entrepreneur

Supporting the European offices of a global law firm to respond to the more for less imperative by developing a contribution framework for partners that articulated the everyday application of co-entrepreneurial capabilities including collaboration and innovation.

Supporting collaboration through transparency

Transforming how an international professional services firm (500 people) collaborates, using our Objectives & Planning module to make objectives transparent and align groups of connected partners and employees to shared client, sector and group plans.

Recognising and rewarding collaborative partners

Recognising and rewarding collaborative and team-oriented partners in a global professional services firm (1,800 people). Using our partner contribution software to gather peer and team member feedback for decision making and development.

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