Building a positive feedback culture: World Gratitude Day

Learn why Performance Leaders supports World Gratitude Day and discover how to use Fast Feedback to build a positive feedback culture at your firm.

June 20, 2023

Ray D'Cruz
Performance Leader

We recently celebrated #WorldGratitudeDay by promoting the power of gratitude in creating a positive feedback culture.

Gratitude and positive feedback and recognition matters more than ever. A recent HBR article issued a call to action: 

"This past year, most management advice has focused on how to sustain productivity during the pandemic, yet the power of kindness has been largely overlooked. Practicing kindness by giving compliments and recognition has the power to transform our remote workplace." 

The authors note that note remote working has deprived many people from serendipitous encounters in the office where compliments can be delivered on a whim. Recognition increases well-being and self-worth and reduces anxiety. The giver benefits too: giving compliments makes us happy and thinking of others connects us to a bigger purpose. 

To help firms participate in this promotion, Performance Leader provided a kit with social media tiles, posts and email templates, ready for HR and internal comms teams to deploy. The promotion leveraged our Fast Feedback tool, which provides a simple and effective way for employees to give each other feedback (especially when working remotely).

We’re delighted that over a quarter of our clients participated in WGD. On average, each employee generated one or two pieces of feedback, a significant uplift for most firms.

Amy Pearman from Australian law firm, Caroll & O’Dea, says World Gratitude Day gave employees a real boost.

"We had a great response to World Gratitude Day from our staff – it was fantastic to see everyone jump on and give each other feedback! It’s a challenging time for everyone across our offices in NSW and VIC, so it was a real boost to see the camaraderie and support for others in the firm. Caroll & O’Dea is a firm that values its employees and a feedback culture is important to help our people feel recognised and appreciated by management and colleagues alike."

Moore Australia, an Australian-based accounting firm, says their employees embraced World Gratitude Day as an opportunity to share positive feedback with their colleagues.

Our team at Moore Australia embraced the 2021 World Gratitude Day campaign. Using Performance Leader’s ‘Fast Feedback’, staff provided positive feedback to colleagues in appreciation and recognition of the contribution made by others. We are committed to creating an engaging and inspiring environment for our team and encourage staff to provide feedback throughout the year - ‘Fast Feedback’ provides the ideal platform to do so.

Congratulations to all our participating firms!

So, how can firms keep this positive feedback culture going beyond WGD? 

Fast Feedback users can use nudge tools to send regular reminders to give and ask for feedback. And if your firm isn’t using Fast Feedback, get in touch to arrange a trial or watch this short video to learn more.

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