High Performing, Hybrid & Healthy - the Relational Firm Research Project

Ray D'Cruz
Performance Leader

As firms simultaneously fight for talent while partially returning to the office, building high performing, healthy and hybrid teams is a priority for firms. 

To support your firm with the insight to create a compelling talent strategy, Performance Leader is embarking on The Relational Firm Research Project.

The Relational Firm Research Project will explore the impact of team relationships on retention, performance and well-being – and we’re inviting your firm to participate! 

The key metric that will be used is Relational Proximity, created by The Relationships Foundation and licensed by Relational Analytics. It assesses relationships on 5 separate domains:

  • Communication – how effectively connection is mediated 
  • Story – how momentum is built over time
  • Knowledge – the adequacy and breadth of the information shared about each other
  • Power – the degree to which the impact on each other feels fair
  • Purpose – the alignment of objectives

Participation is simple: select one practice group in your firm. Each member of the practice group then completes one 10-12 minute survey. That’s it!

Participating firms will then receive a detailed report and debrief. The insights will be timely and relevant as your firm crafts its talent engagement and retention strategy. 

The Relational Firm Research Project is a collaboration between Performance Leader, Neometric and Australia’s leading relational actuary.

There are only seven places are left in this Project, so please register your interest ASAP by contacting Ray D’Cruz.  

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