Partner reward: keynotes and workshops

Performance Leader

In 2023, Performance Leader is offering a range of keynotes and workshops to accompany the recent release of The Partner Remuneration Handbook - A Guide to Compensation in Law and Other Professional Firms, by Performance Leader’s Michael Roch & Ray D’Cruz.


Keynotes are targeted to partner conferences, while workshops are targeted to Boards, Executives and Compensation Committees.

Keynotes include:


+ Trends shaping partner reward

+ Reward structures in professional partnerships

+ Motivating high achieving professionals

+ Rewarding collaboration

+ The future of partner reward: ten principles

Workshops include:

+ Remuneration Committee annual preparation workshop (RemCom)

+ Remuneration Committee annual after action review (RemCom)

+ Clarity workshop: evolving your compensation approach (Boards, ExCom)

+ Rewarding partners in leadership roles (Boards, ExCom)

+ Managing underperformance (Boards, ExCo, partner-leaders)

+ Facilitating formal performance reviews (Partner-leaders)

+ Preparing for formal performance reviews (Partners)

+ Agreeing and aligning objectives (Partners)


To learn more about our keynotes and workshops, please contact Ray D'Cruz.

Find out more and order your copy of The Partner Remuneration Handbook from the publisher, Globe Law and Business.

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