Podcast S3 Ep6: Lewis Iwu on Purpose in Professional Service Firms

Ray D'Cruz and Lewis Iwu discuss purpose in professional services firms

May 5, 2023

Ray D'Cruz
Performance Leader

Our guest on the PerformanceLeader’s podcast is Lewis Iwu, co-founder and CEO of Purpose Union, a social purpose strategy firm united by the belief that the world is better off when companies and organisations think, act and communicate with a defined social purpose.

Lewis advises organisations on how to devise and execute winning arguments and campaigns on social and environmental issues. Over the past 15 years he has worked with some of the world’s most influential organisations and individuals, and led campaigns and coalitions on issues such as racial injustice, climate change and education access. He is the author of Words that Win, a book about how to win arguments on social and environmental issues.  

Lewis was previously the foundingDirector of the Fair Education Alliance, a national advocacy coalition of almost 100 non-profits and businesses. Lewis has also worked at leading global corporate reputation agencies, Finsbury and Brunswick.

In this podcast we discuss:

-       The work of Purpose Union

-       The historical link between the professions and social purpose

-       How firms can resolve purpose conflicts such as which clients to represent

-       The connection between social purpose, organisational purpose and individual purpose

-       Building purpose into the employee value proposition

-       The role of leaders in advancing purpose

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