Reward round preparation, heuristics and decision aids

Reward round preparation, heuristics and decision aids

May 1, 2024

Ray D'Cruz
Performance Leader

How do you make your next partner reward round more efficient and effective?

In this short sample chapter from The Partner Remuneration Handbook, we introduce several concepts covered in more detail in later chapters, including the stages pf the process, preparation and decision making, including heuristics.

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The Partner Remuneration Handbook is filled with practical insights partnership principles, partner motivation and incentives and reward determination practices. You can purchase a copy of the book directly from the publishers, Globe Law & Business.

The Performance Leader platform is built for professional firms dealing with these challenges. Our platform supports Remuneration Committees to gather data, analyse the data and make efficient and effective decisions. Beyond this, our smart automation tools reduce much of the compliance pain associated with these processes while underpinning cohesion between partners and partner-leaders.

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