Using Performance Leader AI tools for better objectives

In this article, we discuss how Performance Leader is using AI to support more frequent, easier and better feedback interactions between people.

April 3, 2024

Ray D'Cruz
Performance Leader

Performance Leader is piloting AI tools to support more frequent, easier and better feedback interactions between people.

In our last post, we discussed our first AI use case: reviewers are using Microsoft Azure Chat GPT in Performance Leader to summarise feedback from multiple sources. This is all about saving time. Multiply that by 5, 10 or 20 reviews and it's a big time saving for the busiest people in the firm.

In this use case we discuss using out our Chat GPT prompt to support better objective setting.

We all know how important good objectives are for many firms, particularly those excited about executing a compelling strategic plan. As we note in The Partner Remuneration Handbook, good objectives provide aspiration and inspiration, and justify perspiration. And not just for partners, but all employees in professional firms.

Applying AI to goal-setting has some highly attractive possibilities.

You can use AI within Performance Leader to recommend objectives based on the feedback you've received. For example, the AI prompt might generate three recommended objectives as a starting point. This is a time saver, an inspiration giver and an identifier of blind spots.

You could also use AI to strengthen the quality of objectives. This is one of the biggest concerns in relation to objectives: their quality. For some reason, extremely smart partners and employees in professional services firms struggle to write good objectives. AI can work like a coach in real-time, strengthening the objective according to a proven public methodology such as SMART goals or OKRs (we prefer the latter).

This is just the start, but it's exciting. As with all of these opportunities, Performance Leader is guided by a philosophy that says that the role of technology is to facilitate more frequent, easier and better feedback interactions between people. The best technology recognises its place in solving problems.

If you’d like to learn more about our use of AI and how it could help your firm set better objectives, please get in touch with Paul Lemon (

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