Podcast S2 Ep6: Partner Remuneration Committees

In this podcast, host, Ray D'Cruz, and guest, Michael Roch, cast a critical eye over partner remuneration committees - their role, remit, decision effectiveness and efficiency.

June 21, 2021

Ray D'Cruz
Performance Leader

Our guest in S2, Ep 6 of the Performance Leaders’ podcast, Evolving the Remuneration Committee is Michael Roch. In this conversation, Michael casts a critical eye over Rem Coms: their role, remit, decision effectiveness and efficiency.

About our guest

Michael Roch has advised Managing Partners, Boards and Remuneration Committees on partner contribution, compensation and governance for more than 15 years.  He’s worked with partnerships in law, accounting, consulting, public relations, technology, wealth management and fund management across all levels of maturity. Michael is editor and co-author of Partner Remuneration in Law Firms, published by Globe Law and Business and is a former Chair of the IBA Law Firm Management’s Structure & Governance Committee.

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