Client Success Specialist / Manager

Join our CX team in flexible CSM role

May 3, 2024

Logan Balavijendran
Head of CX
Performance Leader

We're looking to add a new Client Success Specialist / Manager to our team!

We are B2B software and consulting firm that develops and implements performance and feedback software. Our customers are leading professional services firms, primarily in the law and accounting sectors.

We’re a small and agile team of people who care about our clients, our community and each other. When you work at Performance Leader, you will feel this deep sense of care and commitment.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, we also have team members in the UK. Our business is growing, and with this growth comes this new opportunity.

About the role

The Performance Leader Client Success Manager (CSM) helps clients get the most from their engagement, while keeping Performance Leader focussed on delivering the best imaginable outcomes and experience for customers.

Our CSMs work with the HR teams and firm leaders. You will own the client relationship – onboarding, training, support, strategic engagement and more.

The CX team is split across Australia and the UK. While your clients will be operating within Australian business hours, we have team and all hands meetings after hours to accommodate our colleagues in the UK. These will be no more than 3 hours a week.

This role is flexible and remote-first, located in Australia. You will report to Logan Balavijendran, Head of CX, who is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Your specific responsibilities include

  • Supporting our clients: Addressing support inquiries, coaching for platform use, and configuring client sites.
  • Helping clients achieve their business goals: Building relationships, increasing software adoption, supporting cultural change, and leading community groups.
  • Leading client onboarding: Managing onboarding projects, configuring client environments, and leading success and design workshops.
  • Helping our business grow: Contributing to sales proposals, engaging in sales discussions, enhancing product development, and expanding client value and feedback network.

You will enjoy this role if you

  • enjoy working with technology. We rely on technology (ours and others) to create delightful and valuable experiences for our clients and each other.
  • value flexibility. We are a distributed team - we trust, support and rely on each other. Given we have team members across timezones, this will mean occasional evening calls.
  • are relationship focused. We develop and maintain trusting relationships with our clients.

To apply you must

  • have the right to work full-time in Australia.
  • be willing to interview online and in-person (if required) and participate in a background check.

Experience working in or with professional services firms (in a HR or IT context) is preferred.

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