The Partner Remuneration Handbook

"The Partner Remuneration Handbook is essential reading for leaders who want to align strategy, performance and reward, and light a path for future success. It is easy to read, yet full of insights. The Handbook offers lots of practical advice for implementing a balanced approach to performance and reward that takes into account strategic challenges and opportunities including smarter collaboration." -- Dr Heidi K. Gardner

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A comprehensive guide to partner compensation and contribution management in professional services firms

A firm’s profit sharing model is central to its partnership ethos and culture.

In this comprehensive handbook, Michael Roch and Ray D’Cruz provide guidance for senior and managing partners, partnership boards, remuneration committees and all others involved in the partner compensation process on designing effective profit-sharing systems, reaching fair reward decisions efficiently and implementing contribution management processes that motivate partners.

Coming soon: a six-part webinar series, where Michael Roch and Ray D'Cruz discuss the key elements of The Partner Remuneration Handbook.

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About the handbook

Filled with practical insights, this book draws on principles of partnership, motivation and incentives in human capital management, and executive compensation in closely held businesses. Looking beyond the numbers, the authors balance the big picture with a detailed how-to for any professional partnership, irrespective of geography, size and maturity. The core elements cover:

In addition, the book addresses contemporary and specialist topics such as rewarding partners in management roles, incentivising collaboration, supporting diversity and well-being, and how firm leaders can engage partners on the journey of evolving their partner compensation system.

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